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tv   Today  NBC  August 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning. harvey roars ashore. the monster hurricane is slamming the texas coast overnight as a category-four storm. 130 mile-per-hour winds, more than 700,000 people in its path. >> reporter: we're bei hit by a pretty significant band from harvey. >> high winds whipping through the gulf coast as torrential rain comes down. fears it could dump more than three feet of rain over texas. hundreds of thousands without power. president trump signing a disaster declaration overnight, amid fears that the damage could be catastrophic. >> hoping i wake up in the morning and i have a town. >> and harvey's fury is far from
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over. today, saturday, august 26th, 2017. from nbc news, this this a special edition of "today" -- "hurricane harvey makes landfall." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin. dylan and lester are in texas covering hurricane harvey with our team of nbc news correspondents. we'll get to them in a moment. first, a look at the latest information on the storm. check it out. this is a satellite image of a harvey ads it rolls over texas. a huge rainmaker. >> this is the scene from up in space. the astronauts aboard the international space station capturing this image of the enormity of hurricane harvey. here's a live look at galveston where the rain and wind has been nonstop since harvey came ashore. >> here's the latest -- hurricane harvey made landfall
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around 10:00 p.m. central time. came ashore as a category-four storm. it's since been downgraded to a category one. >> harvey brought with it winds of 130 miles per hour. now top winds have diminished to 90 miles per hour. damage estimates are, of course, still coming in. we are getting reports of buildings that have partially collapsed, downed trees all over, and lots of damage to cars and homes. >> one of the hardest hit towns overnight was rockport, texas. city officials there tell us they are experiencing "utter devastation." >> we have our team spread throughout texas. let's begin with lester holt and dylan dreyer. they're in corpus christi. you drove all night to get there. what did you see? >> reporter: yeah, we started off in san antonio. we were a little bit farther inland. then we made our way on the western side of the storm. as you know, the eastern side is much more intense with the stronger winds, the heavier rain. we actually managed to maneuver between the bands of heaviest rain. i would say most of the ride we saw periods of heavy rain.
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most of the ride was fairly dry. we kind of came in on the better side of the storm. >> reporter: the landing was not fun. the pilot said they were flying at a 55-knot wind. i got to drive here a short while ago. the power is out in this part of corpus christi. one person driving, i was in the right seat saying, "tree, tree, power line, power line." lots of obstacles along the way. obviously when the sun comes up, we'll get a better assessment of the damage. it won't be a post-storm assessment because this is still very much a hurricane. >> reporter: we're getting hit now -- >> reporter: hurricane harvey slammed into the texas shore overnight. >> reporter: we have been praying for quite a while now for the eye to pass over so we could get some kind of break through here. >> reporter: a category-four storm with winds up to 130 miles per hour. strong enough to rip the roof
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off this builting in fulton near the -- building in fulton near the eye. near the eye of the storm, scenes of devastation. this hotel suffered severe damage, forcing 128 people to evacuate. and reports of people injured inside a senior center after the roof collapsed. at the local high school, several buildings were badly damaged. rockport's mayor earlier issued a grave warning to those who did not evacuate -- write your social security number on your arm so your body can be identified. destruction quickly piled up as the storm blew ashore. when the wind and water are gone, what's left could amount to $40 billion in damage. >> i was hoping i'd wake up in the morning and i had a town. >> reporter: the air pressure from the storm caused the ceiling to buckle at our corpus christi affiliate kris. local officials praised the
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weather service reporting for giving them time to prepare. many in corpus christi heeded the warning and got out. >> i figure we've got the kids. >> a 14-foot wall of water was going to come in. we just couldn't risk it. >> the most important thing that you can do is to safeguard your own life. >> reporter: governor abbott also told people in houston to head north, away from the coast. that led to confusion because county officials did not call for an evacuation. hurricane harvey is going to cost us all. this oil drill ship was last to the dock at the port, one of many shut down ahead of the storm. gas prices nationwide already up 10%. no business will take place in galveston for days. the island is practically cut off from the mainland. the spirit is strong in texas, but today is just the first of many difficult days ahead.
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we saw something unusual here. not one but two landfilalls hitting as a category four -- >> even the second was a category four. the last time a category-four hurricane hit the united states was in 2004. but port arances, was a category four, then it hit rockport. we had reports of winds up to 132 miles per hour. some areas have picked up several inches of rain. victoria, texas, picked up almost 16.5 inches of rain. that's the thing with the storm. while it's weakening to a category-one hurricane and will likely downgrade to a tropical storm, it is going to sit in this area for several days. while we have reports of 16 inches of rain, we still have perhaps another 20 to 30 inches of rain to go because some areas will end up in total with 40 inches of rain. there's no steering mechanism for the storm. it's going to sit across eastern
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texas for the next several days. that being said, also the eastern side of the storm is the stronger side of the storm. we've had reported tornadoes near houston, galveston. not the eye of the storm, but the eastern edge has so much power that spins up the storms. that combined with the storm surge. we were lucky because the storm hit during the time of low tide. however, we're in the middle of a high tide now. when the sun comes up, we'll see what kind of damage the current storm surge is causing with the high tide. >> hats off to our crew. they found the perfect little location nestled against a building where we're kind of out of the wind now. pretty much protected. >> yes. exactly. >> more on all this. back to the studio. >> dylan and lester, thank you. of course, when the sun comes out we'll get a better idea of the damage. >> dylan mentioned victoria, texas. that is where kerry sanders is camped out for us. and dylan said that so far you guys have seen roughly 16.5 inches of rain? >> reporter: it's coming down, and as you heard her say, it was stalled over the area.
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the possibility here of a forecast that we might see upwards of 37 to 40 inches of rain is going to be a big part of what we determine is the result of this horrific arrival of harvey here. because it's going to sit here for several days, even if it becomes a tropical storm, as dylan said, this area is going to be flooded. to give you an idea, the guadalupe river, as they refer to it here, the guadalupe river is estimated by wednesday to be 32 feet above flood stage. the flood story may end up being the big story of hurricane harvey in texas. the wind is still blowing, as you see. the gusts sometimes upwards of 100 miles per hour. this community has no electricity, power lines are down, trees are down. the good news is those who went to the two shelters here -- this is a community of about 67,000 -- those that went to the shelters are reporting that the shelters held, that there haven't v bebeen problems there.
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but there tomorrow fires overnight. not only fires here in victoria. one lightning strike, it's believed, set off one at an apartment complex. thankfully that was an evacuated apartment complex. still, it burned to the ground. a home that caught fire, similar fires in corpus christi, also in galveston. home fires, the firefighters and police out working in this. frankly, there's very little they could do to respond to the fires when they're also dealing with a hurricane. anxious moments this morning. it's a miserable night for many. guys, it looks like at least here the real story is going to be the rain and the flooding. we haven't got reports to assess damage, but no reports of anything serious like a roof coming off. the rain is still blowing -- wind is still blow, rain is coming down. i can't believe this is going to go on for days. >> roughly 17 inches so far. kerry makes another good point. power outages. so far along the texas coast, more than 200,000 people without
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power. >> goodness. you could see the wind in the shot. nbc's gabe guterres has been in the middle of the storm all night. he's near where the eye made landfall. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. we're trying to make our way to rockport, texas, nearest to where the eye made landfall. we ran across high water and had to turn around. you see here the damage from the wind. this is a brick structure. the structure itself is still standing, but it was complete boarded up. and you see the damage here. luckily no one was inside. it was clear that the winds came through here overnight. very powerfully. this entire area is without power. the police have blocked off several roads. we have seen debris up and down the texas coast. some buildings have been obliterated. this one just heavily damaged. again, more than 200,000 people at least without power. we're still getting rain bands,
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although the worst of the storm has passed to our north. again, the city manager of rockport tells us that around 11:45, just before midnight, is when the storm, when harvey made landfall in the city of rockport. we were just in taft, texas, a short time ago. trees were down, power lines were down. and there were even some high water. we tried to make our way back to rockport. here in the town of sinton, texas. several buildings are damaged. the power is out. unknown how many injuries due to harvey at this time. back to you. >> stay safe. we'll check in again with you. thank you. we want to bring in corpus christi's mayor, joe mccomb. mr. mayor, thanks for your time. i know you're busy. let's start with the flooding. let's start with the power outages. what can you tell us about those things specifically there in corpus christi? >> i don't know how widespread the power outage is, but i know it's considerable. and it's had some impact -- i lost power in my home last
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night. it kept me from being able to get in touch -- to the media, keep updated to that. it also knocked out the power on our water treatment plant and means we had to go on a water boil notice before people -- for drinking water purposes. it's going to create a problem because many people don't have electricity. i mean, you can still use it to bathe and that sort of thing. that's going to create an issue. the flooding, at least from information that i have, we didn't -- we haven't experienced the amount of rain that we thought we were going to get. and i don't believe -- i haven't heard the latest numbers, but i don't believe the storm surge was as high as it was. the winds were horrific. from what pictures i did see before i lost power and then information that i was getting through text, obviously none of
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it's confirmed, but there's just a tremendous amount of damage in corpus christi and the surrounding areas. i've not heard of any fatalities. but then like i said, i've been pretty much out of the loop since about 3:00 this morning with no power and no internet. i'm like everybody else, waiting for -- to get a little sunlight and the opportunity to get to someplace that i can get some power. >> mayor, we're looking at some of the pictures now. some, frankly, devastating. what's your biggest concern this hour? >> you know, really not knowing where to start in terms of driving to offer aid. we just -- until we can identify the need, it's going to be difficult. our emergency people were -- they were out all night, and so i'm assuming as soon as the --
7:14 am
we get daylight where you can see where you're going because we don't want them going out, particularly running over live electrical wires that may be lying and they can't see or holes in the roads that have been washed away. so we're just playing a waiting game with a little bit of daylight now. and it's -- it's fruft rating, but you don't want to get anybody out too early before they can get a view of what's ahead. maybe the next two or three feet, so they don't fall in a hole that's been washed out or an electric line you can't see. so i think caution is the main thruster now until we can get out and assess what the damage is and where people need help as quickly as possible. >> joe mcdocomb, mayor of corpu christi, texas. our thoughts and prayers are with you and the folks there in corpus christi. stay in touch, sir. keep us post on what's happening
7:15 am
on the ground, please. >> i certainly will. thank you. dave price from wnbc in new york is with us in studio 1a while dylan is in texas. what's the latest on the hurricane? >> let's go through two things. the here and now. then let's talk about some of the points our correspondents in the field made. category-four storm, 35 miles southwest of victoria, texas. winds down in the last hour to 85 miles per hour. it's really moving nowhere fast. meandering to the northwest at six miles per hour. the rain bands stretch about 250 miles here. as you see, there are areas to the north and east where we have tornado watches in effect. the feeder bands rolling through houston at this point. we talked about the fact that victoria has about 16 inches of rain alreadi. to put that in perspective, that's almost-year's worth of rain for some of these areas in
7:16 am
just about half a day. it is remarkable. we continue to watch the storm. let's not get caught up in what category it is. let's get focused on how long it's going to sit around here. the diameter of the eye, just about 11 miles wide. doesn't seem like a lot, but hurricane-force winds extend just about 30 miles from that eye. tropical storm-force winds extends another 100 to 120 miles from that centerpoint. as we take a look and track, this is what we imagine the track is going look like. this could change through the day. it just sits over the area. look at this -- this is thursday at 1:00 in the morning. the numbers of 20, 30, 40 inches of rain are completely possible. there's a possibility this could meander got the gulf waters and regenerate. this is the most likely scenario we're looking at. keep in mind, this is
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reminiscent, if you will, of allison that rolled through texas in 2001. at that point, of course, they saw some catastrophic flooding in the houston area. this is going to be more widespread and head on inland. we'll continue to watch the storm as it kind of sits over the area. wind less of an issue. flooding is going to be the big concern the next several days. back to you. >> thank you, dave. galveston also in the middle of all of this, we found nbc's joe fryer. what's the scene in galveston? >> reporter: good morning. moments ago our phones all went off, issuing a flash flood warning. we expect to get a lot of those flash flood warnings in the coming days here. in galveston, the winds maybe weren't as strong, the surge wasn't as high as other parts of texas. the flooding float is very real. still, there were dramatic moments during the storm. a lot of power loss. we lost power here at our hotel. just to the east of here at the peninsula, there were reports of house fires.
7:18 am
witnesses say that the winds were so strong, they were blowing embers around the neighborhood, making it hard to fight the fire and get everything under control. typically in this situation there would be reinforcements coming from galveston to help the firefighters on the peninsula. last night the ferry service was shut down. so those firefighters from here weren't able to get over there. meanwhile, we want to go to the southwest, just off of port mansfield. that's where the coast guard had to rescue 12 people from a commercial diving vessel. that was taking on water yesterd yesterday. the ship got stuck, the coast guard hoisted people to safety, got everyone to safer ground before the hurricane hit land. back here in galveston, though, all eyes are going to be on the sky in the coming daze because the rain is expected to keep coming down. there are a lot of low-lying areas. >> dylan mentioned a couple reported tornado in houston and
7:19 am
one in galveston. any signs of a tornado touching down there? >> reporter: we haven't seen anything yelt, but thruout the entire day yesterday we were getting tornado warnings. we checked one out, but it was straight-line winds that knocked the golden arches off a mcdonald's sign. we've been seeing tornado warnings throughout recently and. see if there are any actual touchdowns. >> thank you. overnight, president trump signed a disaster delegation for texas. the monster storm, the president's real domestic test since taking office. overnight, instead of focusing on the storm, the president announced he'd pardoned a controversial sheriff in arizona. kelly o'donnell at the white house with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at this stage, there are limits to what the president can do regarding the storm. he is watching the winds and rains with his homeland security team. he does plan to visit texas, they say, flex week. he's already -- next week. he's already working with the governor who requested specific
7:20 am
aid from the white house. the president signed the disaster proclamation which he described as unleashing federal help. when the first family left for a weekend at camp david, hurricane harvey was not the only storm brewing. a legal lightning bolt from president trump late friday. a presidential pardon for arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration hard-liner, sheriff joe arpaio. a moment the president teased at his two-day rally in phoenix. >> by the way, i'm curious -- do the people in this room lightning sheriff joe? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: long accused of using roishl profiling and tough -- racial profiling and tough tactics against illegal immigrants. the 85-year-old sheriff was convicted of criminal attempt for failing to follow a court order to stop the patrols. >> was sheriff joe convicted for
7:21 am
doing his job? [ cheers ] >> reporter: cheered by some conservatives, but critics in both parties say the pardon only enflames divisions and discrimination against hadn't and undermines the rule of law. arpaio spoke to nbc news by phone. >> i have to thank the president for standing by me and standing by law enforcement. >> reporter: still more news as the hurricane soaked up coverage. national security aide sebastian good morninga says he resign -- gorka says he resigned. but a white house official disputes that. he was an ousted strategist of -- strategist of ousted steve bannon. and now managering his first natural disaster. homeland security adviser tom bossert says the president is ready. tweets show maps on his desk in the vofalves and calls to the
7:22 am
affected governors. >> if they have unmet needs, that's our problem. the president won't tolerate that. >> reporter: last year, candidate trump visited louisiana flood damage and blasted president obama for remaining on vacation. for president the, sderdisastern do a heck of a job. >> you're doing a heck of a job. >> reporter: in 2005, george w. bush's misplaced praise of katrina investigators, and then president trump visited fema headquarters three weeks ago. still more under what you can cause a friday news dump. the president also sent the official plan to the pentagon for his transgender military policy that bans their service. he's giving the secretary of defense six months to assess the situation. it is unclear what happens to those who are all right in uniform who are currently serving. it stops recruitment and stops payment for medical treatment related to gender reassignment.
7:23 am
>> all right. kelly, thank you. dave's back. we know what the gulf coast is dealing with. what about the rest of the country? >> a quick gander now, high heat in the pacific northwest and southwest. severe storms in the northern plains states and tropical moisture in florida. that's creating a flood watch in effect for t good morning. i'm krystal klei. beautiful forecast in our neck of the woods. 80 in center city, and 79 in lansdale and mid upper 70s for the lehigh valley. mostly sunny conditions across the area with just some high level clouds to start the day. in new jersey, 79 for voorhees, mid to upper 70s possible over the jersey shore. and in wilmington, a forecast high of 79 degrees. >> a lot going on the weather wall. >> for sure. thank you. >> we'll have much more of our coverage of hurricane harvey making landfall coming up. first, this is "today" on
7:24 am
next. -- on nbc.
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7:26 am
good saturday morning. it's a few minutes before 7:30. let's get right to krystal klei. she has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. and we'll start locally, take a look at the temperatures across the region. a britt of a criit of a crisp m some of us. just 59 in redding. feeling like fall out there. millville 62, philadelphia 67. those temperatures will climb to the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees for our afternoon high. and you see radar and satellite, a few high clouds, but that's about it. we'll be mostly sunny today. and now let's talk about hurricane harvey. here is a look at the radar image bri image imagery. inland making landfall to the northeast of corpus christi.
7:27 am
winds downgraded to 85 miles per hour, but still a category 1 hurricane. and moving northwest at 6 miles per hour. which is going to lead to flooding issues due to the rain expected. and rescuers and volunteers from our region are heading south to help victims of hurricane harvey. philadelphia firefighters are part of the national teams being deployed by the federal government. a dozen red cross volunteers from philadelphia and new jersey are on the ground in texas right now. the red cross is mobility liz g i hundreds of others. and here at home, well likely feel the effects of hurricane harvey at the gas pump. nbc 10 was in delaware county where a gallon of regular was going for $2.69. but in a prithat price is expec jump since refineries along the gulf coast are shut down until the storm passes. i'm katy zachry. we will send you back to the "today" show.
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we're back on a saturday morning tracking hurricane health care reform as it pummels the texas -- hurricane harvey as it pummels the texas gulf coast. we're looking at sincetton, tex. battered for hours already. >> let's get you caught up. hurricane harvey came on shore as a category-four storm. it is currently hanging out over texas as a category one. >> at least 200,000 people are without power this morning. that number could rise significantly as harvey continues to unleash its fury. >> one of the biggest threats harvey brings -- torrential rains and major flooding. the storm expected to dump up to three feet of water over the next few days. dylan's riding out the storm in
7:31 am
corpus christi. what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest is hurricane harvey has downgraded to a category-one hurricane at this point. winds are still up to 90 miles per hour. but now the bigger threat is going to switch to the flooding potential because of the days and days of rain that we'll see. where i'm standing now, it looks fairly calm. that's because we are properly positioned on a particular side of the building. if you go to the other side of the building, we're seeing really very gusty winds. it's just too hard to report to you standing in winds like that. that's why we've protected ourselves a bit. driving down from san antonio, we were fortunate. we were on the western side of the storm which is, i'd say, the side that sees lesser impacts. you don't have the stronge eses winds or intense rainfall. we were driving between bands of rain. we ended up getting a nice lull. the problem was while we were driving, it was so dark. a lot of the area is not all
7:32 am
that ur anized. there were random signs and things down in the parking lot. you can't get anywhere without a flashlight because there's very little power and a lot of wind damage so far. going forward, we've already picked up 16 inches of rain in victoria, texas, the more intense, eye of the storm. with the system meandering over texas, areas farther east like galveston and houston, we will see most likely record-breaking flooding. the storm unfortunately is going nowhere fast. guys? >> all right. thank you. we'll check in again in a bit. gabe gutierrez has been in the middle of this all night. he was trying to get to rockport, texas, had to turn back near sinton, where the eye made landfall. what have you been seeing, gabe?
7:33 am
>> reporter: we're trying to make our way to rockport, where the eye made landfall, according to the city manager, around 11:45 central time. heavy damage there. but even trying to get there, driving from corpus christi, having to take the long route to avoid some of the more dangerous areas, we ran across high water and had to turn around. we were in taft, texas, now we're in sinton. look at the damage -- you see this is a brick structure. very sturdy. it was boarded up, and the winds pounded this building. you see the damage inside. thankfully no one was inside. thankfully it appears at least in this town that most people heeded the advice to evacuate. we've seen first responders and some police officers blocking off roads. a lot of downed power lines, craig. that is the concern. as you mentioned, more than 200,000 people throughout texas are without power at this point. the concern is not just the winds because thankfully the worst appears to have passed
7:34 am
here. as bad as it is now, it was worse several hours ago. the rain is expected to continue from the meonandering storm tha came on shore. there could be storm surge in parts of texas. again, one of the hardest hit areas, rockport, where the eye made landfall, hearing reports of extensive damage there. here in sinton, texas, we're awaiting first light to get a sense of the extent of the damage. it's not clear the extent -- how many injuries there have been and how many heeded the call to evacuate. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez. stay safe, buddy. in houston, a major fear this morning as the intense flooding the area's expected to get. when it's all said and done, nearly three feet of rain could fall from hurricane harvey. nbc's jacob rascon has more on that from houston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more rain than we expected fell overnight, and we still have
7:35 am
flash flood warnings, tornado warnings. we've seen evidence of at least one tornado touching down about 30 minutes south of houston. this is all very bad news, of course. more than six million people live in the metro area. the energy capital of the world. we have the refineries, the world's largest medical center, and all of that. it's surrounding the area's creeks, lakes, and rivers, all expected to overflow. like everywhere else, but especially here, it's not the initial impact but the flooding that will follow. hurricane harvey's outer band hit houston overnight. in the nation's fourth largest city, flooding is the real threat. and kristen macy has had enough. >> the last two years, i don't want to go through it again. >> reporter: another homeowner built his own levee. still others scrambled to elevate homes in town. the university of texas health center also isn't taking chances. proe
7:36 am
protected by submarine-style flood doors. the bayou city is used to flooding but not two feet or more of rain. >> we don't know which watersheds might overflow. we don't know which neighborhoods might flow. >> reporter: the threat is as severe as it gets at the harris county office of emergency management where local, state, and federal authorities are working around the clock. >> we want people to be alert, prepared, informed on, guard, stocked up, patient. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott has mobilized hundreds of national guard troops who, like local first responders, are preparing for water rescues. this is this man's last chance to buy supplies. he's been through this before -- one of tens of thousands displaced by hurricane katrina in new orleans. relocated to houston. >> you better take it seriously. don't play with there one. don't speculate that you know better than those who are warning of the danger. >> reporter: he remembers
7:37 am
katrina's initial impact wasn't nearly as devastating as the flood that's followed. >> things are never the same after one of these storms. you can go back to you think where you were, but it's not quite the same. it does something to you to go through one of these. >> reporter: last night, it was two feet or more for a lot of the area. the forecast has changed for much of the system, much of the area as we've said before. up to three feet of rain within five days. this could be as bad or worse than we've been talking about. pretty bad. >> a whole heck of a lot of rain for america's largest city. thank you. let's check in with dave price with more on hurricane harvey's path. dave? >> jacob was talking about the amount. rain houston is getting -- amount of rain houston is getting. if we look to a somewhat comparative storm, allison in 2001. in that storm, 22 people lost their lives. many of those were in automobiles trying to get through high water.
7:38 am
a lesson for everyone around the area now -- don't focus on the category. it's now down to a one with a location 25 miles southwest of victoria. winds now 85 miles per hour, still very strong and potentially damaging. the movement not going quickly in any direction. what we have to watch for now, life-threatening storm surge. we'll get to that in a second. devastating flooding. high waters which you need to stay away from, and damaging winds, possible tornadoes. again, especially in the feeder bands. let's talk about the flash flooding possibility. watches, significant impacts, flood warnings around bay city, all the way into houston as jacob was just talking about. down by galveston and stretching all the way inland to san antonio and austin, flash flood watches in effect, as well. storm surge going to be a major issue. again, all this water pushed up by the wind. more water falling down. there's no place for it to go. this is a story that's going to continue to develop over the
7:39 am
next several days into the middle, toward t he good morning. i'm krystal klei. a beautiful forecast moving forward today. 80 in center city, also 79 in lance date asdale and mid upper the lehigh valley. just high level clouds to start the day. in new jersey, 79 for voorhees, mid upper to 70s possible over the jersey shore. and in wilmington, a forecast high of 79 degrees. enjoy your day. that's a quick look at the weather picture. a lot going on. >> thank you. coming up next, we will take a look at the major impact harvey is having on businesses, ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car,
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we're back on a saturday looking at galveston, texas. hurricane harvey is expected to hammer the texas coast for days and will have a major impact on businesses, airlines, and the gas and oil industry. >> nbc's joling kent with a look at the ways our economy will be impacted. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hurricane harvey is expected to do billions of dollars in damage and with the gulf coast as america's most-important oil and gas hub, it's going to cost americans well beyond just texas. the gas prices are already going up. businesses are shutting down in the path of hurricane harvey as is slams the gulf coast. gas stations running on empty. store shelves bare as texans stock up on food and supplies. hundreds of flights preempted through tomorrow leaving travelers stranded. the major airlines, changing fees. >> we move about 320,000 barrels of krufd a day.
7:44 am
all of that stopped. obviously we don't know when that will resume. >> reporter: the gulf coast is 40e home to nearly half the refining capacity. offshore rigs with 21% of the crude oil. some evacuated as harvey approached. that means nationwide you could be paying more at the pump. >> if there is any significant damage and it takes more than three or four days to fix it, you could see a spike of 15 to 30 cents per gallon of gas between now and labor day. that's an addition of $4 or $5 per fill-up. >> reporter: as the biggest storm to hit the decade in more than a decade, the total cost of harvey expected to be massive. in 1992, hurricane andrew caused $26 billion in damage. 20 years later, the repairs from superstorm sandy cost $75 billion. no storm has ever topped katrina, which claimed nearly 2,000 lives and left more than $108 billion of property damage in its wake. hoping to mitigate the costs,
7:45 am
texas families shell out big bucks ahead of harborviewy to protect their homes. generators were a hot commodity in victoria, texas. outside houston, the massey family spent $4,800 on 18,000 pounds of sandbags and plastic, hoping to keep their home dry. >> twice in the last two years. and i just -- i don't want to go through it again. >> reporter: now, there are concerns about price gouging in texas, as well. experts advise that stocking up is a good idea, but no need to totally panic. of course, if you see price gouge, report it to texas authorities. overall, guys, expect to see a major negative economic impact on the region of texas with areas that have been rendered uninhabitable for days, weeks, and probably months. >> all right. jo ling kent. thank you. there's much more of our hurricane coverage of harvey coming up including a look
7:46 am
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back on a saturday morning as we keep a close eye on hurricane harvey. >> federal and local officials working around the deadlock keep people safe. morgan radford now with what is being done out there. good morning. we have a lot of ground to cover. we want to talk about where people can go if they need help. first up, these are the websites you can go to. this is website for fema, the texas department of public safe safety, red cross for central and south texas, and of course the department of homeland security's web page. here you go. if you go on each of these links, you'll find not only what you can do during but after hurricane harvey. and if you or someone you know has actually been displaced because of the storm, the red cross will be opening shelters as needed. check this out -- you can find the list and locations of shelters that are open on
7:50 am and airbnb offering to help out. the company's disaster response program connects local residents to hosts opening their homes free of charge. if you want more info. just give them a call or reach them at airbnbhelp. to donate, use a trusted organization, a good one, the salvation army, for example, red cross already accepting donations. back to you. >> a lot of information, we'll put it on thank you. much, much more ahead as we keep an eye on hurricane harvey as it continues to pummel the texas coast. first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
good saturday morning. i'm katy zachry. let's get right to krystal klei, she has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. looks like it will be a really nice one. >> yeah, our forecast looks very good. currently reading at 67 in philadelphia. still in the 50s for allentown. a cool crisp start to our morning. but in the afternoon, we should flirt with around 80. we have clear conditions. just a few spotty clouds. and today we will remain mostly sunny. hurricane harvey is still churning over the texas coastal area. you can see the arm bands stretching more than 150 miles outward. winds reporting at 80 miles per hour.
7:57 am
so the system is weakening, still a category 1 hurricane, but five more miles per hour or so, it should drop to a tropical storm later this afternoon. and first responders and volunteers from our region are heading south to help victims of hurricane harvey. a dozen red volunteers from philadelphia and ninlg are on the ground in texas this morning. the red cross is mobilizing hundreds of others along with truckloads of food, water, clothing and shelter supplies. new this morning, police are investigating a hit and run that happened on the schuylkill expressway that ignited a car fire and sent three people to the hospital. flame s eruchted when the car ws hit by a vehicle that did not stop. state police were unable to get a description of the vehicle. the three victims managed to get out of the car before the fire started and we're told that they suffered minor injuries.
7:58 am
we'll be back at w8 8:30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. harvey's wrath. the monster hurricane making landfall on the texas coast overnight as a category-four storm. 130 mile-per-hour winds winds ashore, torrential waves pummelling the gulf coast. one community already experiencing utter devastation as daylight breaks and residents get their first real look at the damage harvey left behind. >> we didn't think it would hit category four. >> president trump declaring texas a disaster area. and the misery has only just started with widespread and devastating flooding expected over the next few days.


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